Need to find a Personal Coach?

My programs are custom designed to suit each individual to their own personal needs. I believe in giving and helping those in need of it.

There is nothing more gratifying and rewarding than helping those I know I can help.

We are all different in our own unique way.



what are your specific needs? And how we can arrange for you to get exactly what you need.

Programmes Offered:

  • Dealing With Trauma
  • Dealing With Childhood Trauma's
  • Eliminating Procrastination
  • Exercising To Actually Seeing The Results
  • How To Get What You Want Out Of Life
  • Don't let your traumas stop you from earning that extra income.

  • 121 Phone Call Sessions Also Available

And much more!

Just leave me a WhatsApp message of your chosen goal, please leave your name, email and a brief message of where you are at in your life and I will reach out to you!

After Attending My Workshop You Get A Free 30 Minute Consultation

We'll get acquainted and discuss briefly the scope of your project—your vision, goals, the right content, and what I can do for you, your body and mindset.

I want to get to know YOU.

Sreina is a top-notch Personal Coach, who is just brilliant at what she does. My work has improved in leaps and bounds since I started working with her!